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“Needle” is a horror film by director John V. Soto set within college friends.  The casts include Michael Dorman, Travis Fimmel and Jessica Marais.

Ben (Dorman), a college student inherits the family’s endowment from his father who died 2 years ago.  Along with it is a mysterious box just recently found by the legal representative.  He later found that the box is a tool for revenge, but there’s one little problem.  The evil device was stolen and has been killing his friends.  Ben and his brother Marcus (Fimmel) are out on a mission to solve the mystery and find the killer.

Not frightening at all but totally gory.  Slow pace but detailed.  The script though, isn’t an A.  They could have written a nicer one considering that the plot has a lot of potential. It’s not horrific in a way that you will be scared of the dark or some supernatural beings but instead, to an unseen old practice that can be so demented.  Witchcraft is not really our daily dosage in modern days.  But I know for sure they still exist.  I like the idea of introducing a device from a voodoo practice.  Infusing a dash of contemporaneity but keeping the traditional belief.

Excellent cinematography.  The film has a very good and promising plot.  The voodoo concept is something fresh.  A horror film that doesn’t suggests startling and hair-raising moments but instead mystifying.  The ambiguous killer wasn’t revealed until the end part of the movie.  What’s more interesting is that you can never guess who and how the device was acquired by the killer and why.  It is highly creative.  The ways the bodies are mutilated are definitely disturbing and disgusting.  Special effects were great especially with the bloody carving and dismembering of the body parts.

I like “Needle”.  The machine used may come pretty handy if I simply want to break someone’s neck.  Throughout the film, it will leave you guessing who the next victim is and who the killer is.  It’s simple yet full of mystery.  It wasn’t really classified as a horror movie but based from the plot that suggests that it’s a voodoo thing, then it may belong to one.  It sure is scary if you know someone is trying to kill you in a vicious way.  I mean who wouldn’t if you watch yourself getting sliced and stabbed by an unseen force.  It’s worth-watching.

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