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The Dagook Adventure Tour Experience Park or D.A.T.E. Park as locals often call is in Catigbian, Bohol.  It is situated in Poblacion Weste and Rizal in Catigbian- a municipality in the interior of Bohol Island.  35 kilometers Northeast of Tagbilaran City.



A 3-hectare natural forest reserve that conserves the swift-running Sampilangon River and lies towards the marvelous cascades of Dagook Falls.  I had the chance to visit the place unfortunately wasn’t able to experience the activities there.  It was a very quick stop so I just took advantage of taking pictures.  The park is owned by the local government unit of Catigbian so I believe they have a very minimal entrance fee or at least none.  The activities were also affordable and if I remember it right, I believe they offer a package of Php700 inclusive of guides, use of equipment, park amenities (50% discount for students, senior citizens and Catigbian locals) for a trail course where you can enjoy most of the activities.




The activities in DATE Park are with intent ready to test your courage and endurance but less extreme than E.A.T. Danao Park.  So if you’re not yet ready for intense ones, this is perfect for less daring adventure-seekers and for family bonding.





The park opens from 8am until 5pm.  Visitors are briefed first and armed with safety harness, slider roller, headgear and outsized hooks at the main center. Activities include Canopy Walk, Monkey Bridge, Mountain Slides and Trails.

030913_0818_DATEPark1.jpg(photo from google)




 Canopy Walk

60-meter canopy walk suspended in 20 meters of 7 high-tension steel cables in about 60 feet above the ground deep.

030913_0818_DATEPark2.jpg (photo from google)


 Monkey Bridge

45-meter bridge hanging through 4 cables, one of which the harness will be fastened, walk along in 90-120 feet above the ground deep.  You will be wearing a double harness here attached to a safety cable.

030913_0818_DATEPark3.jpg (photo from google)

Mountain Slide

2000-meter zipline negotiates through Sampilangon River and Dagook Falls. This will take you back near the area where you started the activities. So before you do the monkey bridge, be ready for a 25-second slide!







500-meter ascending trail to get to Dagook Falls.


Medicinal plants are abundantly found in the area and are labeled with local names and what they’re used for.  Amusingly, monkeys are everywhere which made me so anxious.  They’re creepy.  But the guide said they’re harmless.  Still, I’m reluctant because they love to tease you if they see you scared.



How to get to Catigbian DATE Park:

From Tagbilaran city, travel by bus bound for Danao or Sagbaan via Cortes Town at Dao Terminal. Ask the driver to drop you at First Consolidated Bank near the Barangay road leading to DATE Park. Across the street are motorcycles (habal-habal) that can take you to DATE Park.  If you’re in a group, getting a van is more convenient.

JMJ Transport is offers a car/van rental service going to this DATE Park.

Available vehicles such as: Toyota Hi Ace Commuter  ( Van) ,Toyota  Vios  (car ), Hyundai Accent (car)

Contact numbers. Mobile numbers 09173043818, 09183348481, Pldt.landline: 03841125271

Or you may visit their website: www.jmj-transport.com.

Address: Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Source: DATE Park Facebook fanpage



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May 1st is Tagbilaran City’s fiesta.  We honor this day to our patron saint, St. Joseph, the worker.  It falls on a Labor Day– the title our patron saint is taken from.  We all know that St. Joseph is the hardworking foster-father of Jesus Christ.

St. Joseph Cathedral is the main cathedral of Tagbilaran City– named after the patron saint, St. Joseph, the worker.  The Cathedral has a very old Bell tower and the statue of the St. Joseph carry the baby Jesus.

It is one of the 12 Cathedrals that was founded by the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the Philippines. The 55-year old Diocese of Tagbilaran, that is one of the 2 archdiocese in the province of Bohol, was established on November 8, 1941.

Across this cathedral is the Rizal Park where most kids grew visiting this park.  I was one of them.  I used to feed the city pigeons with uncooked rice grains and chasing them as they took the bait.

Inside St. Joseph Cathedral.  Above the alter is the statue of St. Joseph, the Worker.

Just within the Cathedral ground is the schedule for mass.

St. Joseph Cathedral

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Everyone loves fiestas!

Fiestas happen all year round in Bohol but mostly during the month of May. Tagbilaran City’s fiesta is held on May 1st.  It is at that time that Boholanos from different places, even where they have already settled, within the Philippines or abroad, come home to celebrate the fiesta in their town.  They often bring pasalubong for family & loved ones and so reunions take place.  TBTK or Tigum Bol-anon Tbuok Kalibutan which means “Boholanos get together from all around the World” is an event held each year as Boholanos get together and catch up.

Boholanos are so warm that everyone is invited during this celebration.  Before we open our house for guests, my family is used to hear the pontifical mass (mass for the fiesta).  I remember, the priest in my place say Misa una before lamesa which means “Mass first before the table”.  It’s a local funny quote, actually (because it rhymes in our local dialect).

In Bohol, every town celebrates their fiesta in honor of the patron saint.  Boholanos love fiestas as we love welcoming and treating our guests.  So we always come home during this event and decorate the entire town with banderitas, parade on floats, organize pageants, concerts & different activities, and prepare food like lechon & tuba for bisperas (day before the fiesta) and fiesta itself.   No fiesta is complete without having a roasted pig– often raised by most throughout the year to be slaughtered and served for the fiesta.

List of Fiestas in Bohol
January 16 Cortes Santo Niño
January 16 Pres. Garcia Holy Child
January 16 Valencia Sr. Santo Niño
January 17 Carmen Saint Anthony de Abbot
January 29 Ubay Holy Child
Last Saturday of January Getafe Holy Infant
February 11 Dagohoy Our Lady of Lourdes
February 11 K of C – Tagbilaran City Our Lady of Lourdes
April 5 Bool – Tagbilaran City Saint Vincent Ferrer
April 27 Corella Nuestra Señora del Villar
May 1 Tagbilaran City Saint Joseph the Worker
May 3 Dao – Tagbilaran City Santa Cruz
May 4 Alburquerque Santa Monica
May 4 Mabini Santa Monica
May 4 Sagbayan San Agustin
May 8 San Miguel Saint Michael
May 10 Calape Saint Vincent Ferrer
May 15 Bilar Saint Isidore the Farmer
May 15 Trinidad Saint Isidore
May 15 Tubigon San Isidro Labrador
May 15 San Isidro Saint Isidore
May 19 Candijay Saint Joseph
May 29 Talibon Blessed Trinity
June 13 Sikatuna Saint Anthony de Padua
June 24 Garcia Hernandez Saint John the Baptist
June 29 Loboc Saint Peter the Apostle
June 30 Inabangga Saint Paul
July 16 Balilihan Virgin of Carmel
July 16 Taloto – Tagbilaran City Immaculate Heart of Mary
July 25 Batuan Saint James
July 26 Alicia Saint Joachim
August 15 Dauis Our Lady of Assumption
August 16 Tip-tip – Tagbilaran City San Roque
August 22 Taloto – Tagbilaran City Immaculate Heart of Mary
August 28 Sagbayan San Agustin
August 28 Panglao San Agustin
First Saturday of September Guindulman Our Lady of Consolation
First Saturday of September Lindaville – Tagbilaran City Birhen sa Barangay
September 8 Loon Our Lady of Light
September 10 Dimiao Saint Nicolas de Tolentino
September 29 Clarin Saint Michael
September 29 Jagna Saint Michael
October 7 Buenavista Santo Rosario
October 7 Lila Holy Rosary
October 11 Pilar Virgen del Pilar
October 16 Cogon – Tagbilaran City Birhen sa Barangay
Last Saturday of October Antequera Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary
November 24 Maribojoc Saint Vincent
December 8 Baclayon Immaculate Conception
December 8 Catigbi-an Immaculate Conception
December 8 Duero Immaculate Conception
December 8 Sierra Bullones Immaculate Conception
December 12 Sevilla Virgen of Guadalupe
December 12 Booy – Tagbilaran City Virgen of Guadalupe
December 30 Danao Holy Family
Movable Anda Holy Infant
Movable Bien Unido Holy Child
Movable Loay Santisima Trinidad

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