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Baclayon Church is always part of Bohol Day Tour.  No tourist should miss this part of the itinerary.  Credited as the oldest church in the Philippines, Baclayon Church has its crown.  This is also known as “The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception” by the locals.

The Church is the heart of the scenery.  A large tower infront is the Bell Tower and Watch in its time.

Its main walls are constructed out of coral and cut by local artisans into square blocks. They said that the whites of a million eggs were mixed with lime to cement the coral stones together.  The mixture seems to do an excellent job.

The inner veneer of the church is classically inspired while the outer veneer dates to the early 1900’s is a portico decorated by three arches.

Annexed to the Church is the museum, accommodating historical religious artifacts and antiquities, way back 16th century. The building is a great example of Colonial Spanish design and while a little rickety, it seems to have withstood in time.  Taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed and wearing of slippers, shorts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops are prohibited.  It’s best to wear something decent, enough skin should be covered.  After all, you’ll be getting inside a sacred place.

Trip to Baclayon Church is both informative and enjoyable.  It’s a pleasing tourist spot and worth visiting.  Across the church are Baclayon Pier and a small park with a great sea view.  Locals call it “The Baluarte”.   Today, you can enjoy kayaking, boat paddling and ATV ride with gear rentals nearby.  You can also head off to Pamilacan Island in Baluarte or perhaps enjoy Whale Watching by renting a small motorized boat in getting to the opposite island.

Baclayon also has the best lady fingers (broas) in the province or I’d like to think in the whole Philippines.  They have this very unique and tasty broas that undeniably melts in your mouth.  You can never stop.  You’ll never miss it because it’s wrapped in a brown paper bag (But I’d like to emphasize that they should improve its packaging).  You can also buy it in the grocery store but make sure that it is made in Baclayon, Bohol


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Bohol is one the tourist spots every tripper should not miss.  This small island is fortunate to have Mother Nature’s jewel that one can explore in a day tour.  JMJ Transport Service will take you to these places and discover Bohol that you’ll surely gonna remember forever.

Oldest Church in the Philippines– Baclayon Church, Baclayon

Hinagdanan Cave, Dauis

Butterfly Dome, Sagbayan

Chocolate Hills, Carmen

Solomon’s Board Walk, Cortes

Blood Compact Site, Tagbilaran City

White sand beaches, Panglao

 Bohol Tarsier, Corella and Loboc

Sumampong’s Horseback riding, Loboc

Hanging Bridge, Sevilla

Mag-aso Falls, Antequera

Floating Restaurant, Loboc

Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan

Manmade Forest, Bilar

Largest and longest python, Alburquerque

Eco Adventure Park, Danao

Tour Rates:

(in Philipine peso)

Chocolate Hills Countryside Tour 
– Car 2,000
– Van 2,500

Sagbayan Peak Countryside Tour
– Car 2,500
– Van 3,000

Panglao Island Tour 
– Car 1,500
– Van 2,000

Airport-Pier Transfer To/From Panglao
– Car 600
– Van 700

Panglao Tour with Maribojoc Watch Tower and Mag-aso Falls
– Car 2,500
– Van 3,000

E.A.T. Danao Adventure Tour
– Car 3,000
– Van 3,500

City Tour 
– Car 1,500
– Van 2,000

*Mag-aso Falls is not included in the Chocolate Hills Countryside Tour

*Choco Countryside Tour includes most of the tourist destination but not Sagbayan Peak

*Sagbayan Peak Countryside Tour includes the Choco Countryside Tour

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