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Bohol Countryside tour

car rental   2000 pesos
van rental  2500 pesos

E.A.T Danao Adventour Tour 

car rental   3000 pesos
van rental  3500 pesos

Panglao Island Tour

car rental   1500  pesos
van rental  2000 pesos

Panglao Island Hopping Tour

boat rental 1-4 pax     1900pesos
boat rental 5-10 pax  2100 pesos

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Bingag Ostrich Farm in Bingag, Panglao owned by Mr. Morala is a fun place to pay a quick visit.  It’s usually included in Panglao Island Day Tour Packages.  A 20-minute drive from Tagbilaran City is where the site is located.

A minimal fee of ten pesos is collected as entrance fee for the maintenance and food for the animals.  A shop is on site offering some refreshments and souvenirs.

The Ostrich farm is a small zoo with pythons, boas, different family of birds, turtles, crocodiles, cheetahs, flying lemur, and different kinds of fowl, civet cat and more.  And of course, their main attraction is the ostriches.

There are 4 to 5 ostriches that stray in a large pen. They seem friendly.  My dad tried to reach his hand for it and peck.  He said it doesn’t hurt that much.  Still, I don’t like the idea.   We took a lot of pictures of them.

One of the caretakers is very friendly (never asked for a tip, but of course we tipped him for his patience and kindness).  He let me hold the boa in bright yellow color.  He said that it’s not dangerous and it’s clean.  He bathes it everyday, often with him.

The other snake is a huge python.  We got the chance to watch it chow a chicken.  We waited for a few minutes because it moves very slowly.  It chased the unfortunate chicken yelling for its life.  It finally caught the chicken and slowly swallowed it.  After it finished its meal, it turned on its belly perhaps digesting it or something.

The tarsiers are so cute and fuzzy.  They were holding worms on a stick.  It was like a real person eating barbeque (grilled pork on a stick).

The cheetahs were very young the time we went there.  I wonder how they are now.

Bingag Ostrich Farm is an entertaining place to visit and not only kids will enjoy but also the kids at heart.

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Baclayon Church is always part of Bohol Day Tour.  No tourist should miss this part of the itinerary.  Credited as the oldest church in the Philippines, Baclayon Church has its crown.  This is also known as “The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception” by the locals.

The Church is the heart of the scenery.  A large tower infront is the Bell Tower and Watch in its time.

Its main walls are constructed out of coral and cut by local artisans into square blocks. They said that the whites of a million eggs were mixed with lime to cement the coral stones together.  The mixture seems to do an excellent job.

The inner veneer of the church is classically inspired while the outer veneer dates to the early 1900’s is a portico decorated by three arches.

Annexed to the Church is the museum, accommodating historical religious artifacts and antiquities, way back 16th century. The building is a great example of Colonial Spanish design and while a little rickety, it seems to have withstood in time.  Taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed and wearing of slippers, shorts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops are prohibited.  It’s best to wear something decent, enough skin should be covered.  After all, you’ll be getting inside a sacred place.

Trip to Baclayon Church is both informative and enjoyable.  It’s a pleasing tourist spot and worth visiting.  Across the church are Baclayon Pier and a small park with a great sea view.  Locals call it “The Baluarte”.   Today, you can enjoy kayaking, boat paddling and ATV ride with gear rentals nearby.  You can also head off to Pamilacan Island in Baluarte or perhaps enjoy Whale Watching by renting a small motorized boat in getting to the opposite island.

Baclayon also has the best lady fingers (broas) in the province or I’d like to think in the whole Philippines.  They have this very unique and tasty broas that undeniably melts in your mouth.  You can never stop.  You’ll never miss it because it’s wrapped in a brown paper bag (But I’d like to emphasize that they should improve its packaging).  You can also buy it in the grocery store but make sure that it is made in Baclayon, Bohol

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During my 10-month stay in Manila, there are times where my friends/classmates and I simply like to set aside the worries of the training and just hang out & have fun.  One of the places we enjoy is QRACK Billiards Hall in Malate.

The place was introduced to me by a close friend who often chills out and is a regular.  Located at 2264 Sherwood Place, Taft Ave. Malate, Metro Manila (Philippines), QRACK is often visited by foreigners and locals for its warm people, cozy place and affordable set of choices.

We ordered few buckets of drinks.  They also mix variety of beer in one bucket which is amazing coz most bars don’t do that.  I had a flavored beer and some friends of mine had a different flavored one which is so convenient.

They have 2 standard kangaroo billiard table tops, couch and indoor & outdoor tables and chairs.  The place is also a WiFi zone and serves liquor, beer and finger food.

Qrack billiards hall was officially opened last June of 2010.  For more than a year now, QRACK has been successfully operating to night-getters and party people in a meek and satisfying sense.  They are open from 1pm to 3am (Monday – Saturdays).

For private parties, QRACK is open for reservations.  You may rent the whole place or just a few tables, full catering or just snacks, open or cash bar.  They can also book Trick-shot specialists, Tournament Organizers, or House-Pro Group Lessons upon request.

Call at 6324914131 and 6327088500 or Email Charlie at charlie@qrackbillards.com for the quotations. QRACK website and Facebook fanpage

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Everyone likes to think they have the secrets to understanding the human mind. Reading body language, analyzing a childhood anecdote, or monitoring a coworker’s sleep schedule may make you feel more knowledgeable about their mind and thought processes, but in reality it is mostly guesswork. In modern society, there are quite a number of myths abound regarding psychology and how the human mind works. Certain psychological philosophies are widely accepted and recognized for their convenient and positive affirmations, but without academic or clinical merit.

Take a look to see if you’ve fallen for any of these so-called facts.

#1: Classical Music Makes Kids Smarter

Parents who eagerly play Mozart at high volume during pregnancy or at all hours in a child’s infancy may be discouraged to learn that this long-held belief just doesn’t hold water under close scrutiny. Conceptually, it might be a nice idea to think that the music of the masters would assist a child in becoming intelligent, but common sense – and research – tell a different story.

Play Mozart for your child if you like, but the fact is, it is no more likely to make him or her brilliant than if you play Lady Gaga.

#2: Low Self-Esteem Leads to Psychological Issues

If you think highly of yourself, you will have a happy life. If you think poorly of yourself, you will end up depressed or psychologically unstable. These are common beliefs among many of us. While low self-esteem may lead to a more introverted lifestyle, it certainly does not mean a person cannot be psychologically and emotionally well adjusted. Similarly, common sense would indicate that an individual with an inflated view of himself or herself would be even more likely to have issues, as reality crashes down on their bubble of self-value.

Low self-esteem is a personality trait. Quite possibly, it may be an important issue that an individual may wish to address and overcome. However, it is not a sentence to a lifetime of psychological issues – it is simply part of being human.

#3: Homophobes Are Actually Gay

It has often been theorized that individuals with a bias against homosexuals are actually gay people who are denying their true feelings. While people who would belittle or discriminate against others based solely on their sexual preferences may well have issues of their own, it is not a precursor to actually being gay themselves.

Dismissing homophobes as gays in denial detracts from looking for the real problems that lead to hatred and prejudice.

#4: It Is Better to Let Anger Out than Hold It In

It has long been considered therapeutic to vent and release anger, as opposed to controlling feelings and bottling it up inside. From a psychological standpoint, this is just plain silly.

While it may be considered unhealthy to never display outward anger and only think about it privately, it is also psychologically unhealthy to lose control and “let it all out”. Forcefully expressing anger can easily start the ball rolling to even more anger, and weaken the mind’s ability to control and harness emotion. Giving in to primal screaming, yelling, or physical manifestations of anger shows will not help individuals become calmer or closer to a real solution. Letting out a yell is not going to eliminate the issue that made a person angry to begin with.

Although it may feel good to let out anger, it’s important to do it in a responsible and controlled manner, and not resort to screaming or even, violence. Quiet reflection and thought about the issues that are creating the feeling of anger may hold a lot more opportunity for ridding oneself of anger than screaming and yelling do.

#5: Opposites Attract

It has been repeatedly said, and backed up by a repetitive litany of Hollywood romantic comedies, that opposites make for the best romantic match. The belief is that the two partners balance each other’s characteristics to create a “whole” couple. The problem with this idea is that it ignores individuality and glosses over the fact that, many times, opposites find themselves feeling alone or “too different” from their significant other, due to their opposing natures.

If history and case studies have proven one thing for certain, when it comes to successful romances, it is that there is nothing for certain—there is no blueprint whatsoever. A pair of opposites is just as likely to end up in divorce court – or married for 50 years – as a pair of like-minded beings.

#6: If You Believe You Will Succeed

It seems so perfect and inspiring: having faith in yourself and your ability will help you achieve your dreams. After years of beingencouraged in school and motivational television programs with the message “believe and achieve”, somehow, people began to believe that a positive state of mind and a deep belief in personal goals will magically, amazingly, bring success to their feet.


A positive frame of mind can be quite healthy, and it is certainly preferable to a pessimistic and defeatist attitude, but it is not a surefire recipe for success. The fact is, people usually believe in themselves because they have succeeded, not the other way around. If a person’s dream is to play shortstop for the New York Yankees, but this individual can’t catch a lob from five feet, then that dream is not going to be realized, no matter how much positive thinking there is. What can make a real difference is hard work and dedication, and although positive thinking can motivate a person, it still requires more than just dreams and good intentions.


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