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Loboc, Bohol in the Philippines
The Floating Restaurant and River Cruise

The Loboc Church

The Bell Tower

The Loboc Museum

Loboc Children’s Choir (Shanghai)

website: http://www.lobocchildrenschoir.net/

The Loboc Children’s Choir is a group of local kids who sang beautifully in many different countries across the globe.  Once these kids grew to become teenagers and adults, they audition and train another set of local children to represent the choir.

The infamous smallest primate endemic in Bohol (Philippines), Tarsier

Horseback Riding in Gotozan, Loboc

The Horseback Riding at Gotozan, Loboc is a new tourist activity.  Trails have been established thru verdant rolling terrain, up steep slopes and under mango orchards, among others. It is an exhilarating activity and more thrilling when done at night.

source: http://www.bohol-philippines.com/loboc-tourist-attractions.html

Zoocolate Thrills

source: http://www.discoverbohol.com/bsp/2011/0529-11/ZooColate-0529-11.htm

Loboc Eco-Adventure Park

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Twenty five kilometers from the capital city of Tagbilaran (Bohol, Philippines) is a little town named Loboc where the Loboc River and the Floating Restaurant is famous of it.  In Loboc, there are tons of activities that you can do.  You can listen to the Loboc Children’s Choir, encounter the tarsiers and priceless artifacts at The Loboc Museum, try the zipline and cable car at Loboc Eco Adventure Park and get to meet animals in Zoocolate Thrills in which I will feature one by one in my blog soon.

Tourists enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet meal in the floating restaurant that goes upstream while local singers are serenading live. (The floating restaurant is 400Php including the municipal government tax) You can also stop and watch li’l kids and adults sing and dance to the tune of Filipino folk dances by the riverbank.  And be amazed how kids leap from tall coconut trees to plunge into the water.

While feasting and enjoying the surreal green landscape, it travels upstream and ends at Busay Falls, a small waterfall then make its way back to the dock.  Some tourists take a dip here (that is if they will take the motorized banca).

The town also offers Night River Cruise as they install lightings all over the place.

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