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World through the clouds

0622:  CEB570 Runway 04 release

0624:  CEB570 Lining up Runway 04

0625:  Rolling for departure.  ******  CEB570 airborne 0625.  ****** Contact departure 124.7Mhz.


Windows up.

Dim lights.

Seatbelt sign on.

Trying to doze off, I close my eyes for a few minutes while chewing my gum to avoid the abrupt changing pressure.  But, actually it didn’t help.   My nose is stuffed with gross sticky mucus that it reached my ears and my candy didn’t do the trick.

With eyes slightly open, I peer through the window and saw I’m around 25,000ft and the terrain over Mactan area is still visible.

The sky is filled with scattered and overcast clouds.  I can’t help but admire these fluffy dense matter.

A few minutes later we are overhead the thick clouds.  I feel like I’m walking over Cloud 9.  Now I know why Care Bears are so cheerful hopping from cloud to cloud.

An amazing view hamper me from dozing..this mushroom-like shape of Charlie Bravo cloud formation.

There I am with puffy eyebags..haven’t slept through the night.

A closer look of the towering cumulonimbus.  God’s gift to nature.

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Around 1am at Mactan International Airport.. people at their most comfortable spot waiting for their flight…

I too should be comfy..on my socks with my lappy and phone…. 🙂

One last shot..since people don’t care  😛

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