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CATS04 on their On-the-job training at the Manila Tower.  2 more months guys…

credits to BAM.. thanks for sharing this!

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World through the clouds

0622:  CEB570 Runway 04 release

0624:  CEB570 Lining up Runway 04

0625:  Rolling for departure.  ******  CEB570 airborne 0625.  ****** Contact departure 124.7Mhz.


Windows up.

Dim lights.

Seatbelt sign on.

Trying to doze off, I close my eyes for a few minutes while chewing my gum to avoid the abrupt changing pressure.  But, actually it didn’t help.   My nose is stuffed with gross sticky mucus that it reached my ears and my candy didn’t do the trick.

With eyes slightly open, I peer through the window and saw I’m around 25,000ft and the terrain over Mactan area is still visible.

The sky is filled with scattered and overcast clouds.  I can’t help but admire these fluffy dense matter.

A few minutes later we are overhead the thick clouds.  I feel like I’m walking over Cloud 9.  Now I know why Care Bears are so cheerful hopping from cloud to cloud.

An amazing view hamper me from dozing..this mushroom-like shape of Charlie Bravo cloud formation.

There I am with puffy eyebags..haven’t slept through the night.

A closer look of the towering cumulonimbus.  God’s gift to nature.

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2nd of May, I started my training as Cats04Alpha at Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC).  I know no one but my two fellow Boholano acquaintance.  Had a thought if I will survive the training and if I will gain friends.  I’m not the friendly, sociable type of person who befriends everyone or anyone.  I’m shy and keep myself guarded at all times from the infamous ego-driven people who tactlessly say mean things just because they’re used to it or perhaps enjoy the act of doing so.

My girl friend who is also my roommate is someone I can share my secrets with…whom I can burst out my feelings and cry with.

My 2 guy friends who taught me a lot from life.  The things that touch to the deepest core of my being that sometimes it hurts because what they’re saying is true.  They may look tough outside but “pusong-mamon” inside.

My 2 gay friends who I really wish will get along (at all times).  They make me smile and laugh even in my gloomiest days.  They know how mean I am but still love me as a true friend.

I feel bad coz some of these faces went away and left me but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of our friendship.  They’ve touch my life in a very extraordinary way.  You will always and forever be in my heart guys even if we’re already miles away.  Till we meet again…

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Around 1am at Mactan International Airport.. people at their most comfortable spot waiting for their flight…

I too should be comfy..on my socks with my lappy and phone…. 🙂

One last shot..since people don’t care  😛

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I am to leave Tagbilaran for Manila at 4.20pm on November  1 via Cebu Pacific Air.  Checked in my baggage at around 3.30pm.  A Zest aircraft is on the parking bay stuck because of some technical problem (rumors say that a nail is found on one of its landing gears).  Well, not to worry, I’m booked to Cebu Pacific.  There’ll just be some delay.  My friend should be on that Zest at 3.20pm.  So she’s one of those unlucky passengers who waited like sitting ducks.

Few minutes past 4pm, Zest announced that its flight is cancelled while PAL landed.  Since Tagbilaran airport can only accommodate 2 aircrafts; only one more aircraft can land.  My CebuPac flight can’t land and needs to divert to Cebu initially than hold on air (like any other business, they want to save fuel).  A quarter towards 5pm, CebuPac announced that their flight is cancelled too.  Tagbilaran airport only operates from sunrise to sunset.  Sunset on that day is 5.20pm.

Angry passengers yelled and bashed through the counter of Cebu Pacific.  The next scheduled flight is the following day around 10am but is already fully booked.  They can only guarantee flights on the 3rd and 4th of November.  Cebu Pacific doesn’t care about their passengers.  For them, it’s so easy to cancel a flight without thinking that their passengers might have important appointments that might be compromised and without offering a fare and possible solution.  If their flights are delayed, they only apologize (but I don’t feel any remorse from them) but when we, passengers are delayed, they let us pay and sometimes it costs an arm and a leg.  There was this one time when I was late for 5mins from their “policy” of closing the check-in counter 45mins before the scheduled time of departure, I had to rebook my ticket and it costs be around four thousand (Php 4,000) pesos.  What a bummer!

Anyway, since I need to get to Manila the following day for my class, I had to book a flight for Manila via Cebu.  As expected, Cebu Pacific didn’t shoulder my shipping fare from Tagbilaran to Cebu.  I had a lot of mishaps in this returning flight to Manila.  Ships going to Cebu are all fully booked because of the peak season.  With my dad driving around 70 miles per hour, I had to travel by land to get to Tubigon (another seaport in Bohol) to get to Cebu.  It was 8pm when I get there.  All schedules are fully booked as well.  Like I wanted to die!  I didn’t travel all the way to Tubigon just to find out I can’t board any sea vessel.  I had to find a way, and I mean ANY way to get a seat from the seacraft.  And so I did! *winks*

10pm… I arrived at Pier 3 of Cebu City.  I traveled again to Mactan Airport and here I am waiting till its half past 4 so I can check my baggage in for my 6.25am flight.  I traveled by land, water and air.  I may be small but I can be superwoman! or maybe DORA the explorer..hahahaha!!!  It’s now a quarter past the midnight and still thinking what a douche Cebu Pacific is.  And I’m thirsty.  Stalls inside the airport are close and I can’t find any vending machine.  Oh well, at least I think I’m safe here and I have more than half a chance of getting to Manila.  That’s good enough for me.

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