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The Crazies is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 classic thriller.  Set in a little farming town in Pierce County, Iowa with leading performances of castcast Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell, this horror film is directed by Breck Eisner. 

In a small town Ogden Marsh, Pierce County, Iowa, David Dutton (Olyphant) is the local sheriff and husband of town doctor Judy Dutton (Mitchell).  It’s a perfect little town.  Everyone knows everyone until a local, wearing a blank unresponsive look appears in a baseball game with a shotgun and acts suspiciously.  Things go awfully wrong when another townsfolk goes from humane to insane.  Inhabitants of this small town suddenly loosen their nuts when an unknown viral outbreak hits.  Not just crazy-“crazy” but the type that uncontrollably kills people and turning the peaceful town a living hell.  Desperate to get out of the unfortunate Ogden Marsh, the couple along with the deputy and doctor’s assistant horribly struggle for their lives as soldiers tries to take them away.  Not to mention, bunch of crazies are after them too.

The film opens at Ogden Marsh, a small town in Pierce County, Iowa consumed by fire; the fate in a couple of days later. Instantly, we’re made aware of what terror this once happy town will face.  This is a film that is not easy to decide if it’s a first-class horror film or a piece of crap.  The exemplary points equally weigh the rotten points.  The story and the cast’ acting is good as well as the cinematography but I can’t understand why it has to be so predictable and redundant.  And a frantic desperado in a film can’t just have a change of heart in a second to become a hero.  It’s just so not happening.   I was disappointed in expecting for the immense twist because clearly, there was none.

The Crazies is not exactly a zombie film but it’s related in some sort.  What makes it pass for a commendable film is the particular creativity in the choice of weapon to slay, clever wit of killing, some saggy foreskin, the insanely hyper behavior of the infected, crazies overrun, and an old story in a diverse setup.  It’s easy to grasp, frightening and gloomy in a rational mode.  I personally admire the part when the camera slowly sweeps from an end of the room to the other to reveal a crazy bitch.  Sound effects and musical score are nicely done.  It didn’t rely on loud thumping sound.  Instead, decomposing adversaries popping from nowhere startles the viewers.  The movie also educates the viewers to be responsible; that one error can never be corrected with another one, especially from the government.

A good quality film but pretty much predictable.  I can practically guess most scenes before it happens.  Not your typical gory zombie film which is actually good.  If you’re a zombie-genre fan who adores conventional zombie cliché, you would definitely say that this movie lacks intensity and action. But if you’re just looking for a moderate horror with sense, I recommend this.


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RinguHave you tried watching a horror film alone late at night in complete silence with nothing but the TV on?  This is the movie you’ll never gonna watch alone.  “Ringu” is a Japanese horror film in the late 90s.  The original movie that “The Ring”, “Ring 2” and “Ring 0” came from.  Definitely, a chiller!  A film directed by Nakada Hideo based from the Novel of Suzuki Koji (Kadakawa Shoten).  The cast includes Matsushima Nanako, Nakatani Miki and Sanada Hiroyuki.

A grade school boy took a trip down to Izu.  He records a TV show it on a VCR, but the channels are different from Tokyo’s.  There is no station on that channel, so nothing should have been recorded.  He plays the tape back at home.  To his surprise, a woman appeared and said, “You saw it!” The boy died 7 days later.

“Ringu” opens up with young girls sharing horror stories about an evil tape.  One of the girls, Tomoko was uneasy.   She and a few friends saw this tape when they went to Izu.  Shortly after, she dies exactly alike to the story.  Later, Reiko (Matsushima), Tomoko’s aunt and a TV journalist learned that she watched a strange video a week prior to her demise.  She’s convinced that she must investigate and set things straight.  She, together with husband Ryuji (Sanada), started to dig into the bizarre happenings and evil starts to unravel.

I don’t know to begin in describing how creative and frightening it is.  Every detail is carefully studied to create a sense of dread.   It is creepy but not overdone.  This film relies dominantly on pure supernatural.  The camera is positioned to locations that give the impression of someone watching the characters.  The lighting is pretty intense like you can see the very organism about to crawl through your skin. Unlike most horror films that use quick blasts of sound effects to scare you, this film is more on the story and not on the sub factors just to succeed in making you quiver.  Equipped with such strong plot and revelation, this film thrives in terrifying the stiffest spine and toughest viewer’s imagination.

The main antagonist in the film is not completely revealed until the very end.  Few glimpse and short glances add excitement and heightens sense of fear.  Not just because you’ve seen her for a while will keep you from getting petrified brusquely but scarier after you’ll see her.  Not clad with full-bodied heavy prosthetics and gore makeup but just a subtle look that is more prudent to her character.

For most of the scenes, it’s impregnated with wary silence (anticipate that something scary should come up any minute) and empty creepy rooms abruptly interposed with disturbing images or weird TV static.  It also utilizes a woman brushing her hair in front of a mirror and pixelated scenes to superimpose the chilling result.  And finally, the bizarre-looking well on a black and white screen.

This is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen.  Amazingly creepy!  “Ringu” just scares every inch of my body.  No wonder this was a hit.  It’s too successful that it spawned sequels and remakes from Americans, Koreans and Japanese alike.  American version of “Ringu”, “The Ring” is more “Americanized” to fit the target viewers but it very close to the original one.

I actually saw “Ring 0” version first, it startled the hell out of me.  I was drawn into it and I had to watch other versions and sequel.  Yes, scary but when I finally saw this very original Japanese “Ringu”, I feel like I don’t want to watch horror movies anymore.  I can normally sleep with lights out even if I just had a late night horror film as a bedtime story but this is like 5 times scarier.  It made me up for at least 3 days.  I squirm whenever I imagine her.   And every time the phone rings at night in pure silence, I want to jump out of my skin.  I will absolutely recommend this 1998 “Ringu” film.  Rent it!

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