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Thai horror “Coming Soon” did make an outstanding noise, with first-time director Sophon Sakdaphisit who is the writer of other successful horror movie genres “Shutter” and “Alone”.  The film was a hit in its 2008 release, with cast Chantavit Dhanasevi and pop singer (Punch) Worakarn Rochjanawach.  They and much of Sakdaphisit’s efforts fuel up plenty of hair-raising moments in this movie.

The film is set in a cinema, where a sloppy projectionist Shane (Dhanasevi) who is desperate of cash, agrees with his friend Yod to illicitly make a copy of the newly arrived horror film “Revenge of the Evil Spirit” before it reels in public. Unfortunately, strange things began as Yod mysteriously disappears.  When Shane tries to track him down, the mystery of the film’s true state reveals. Apprehending that he may be the next victim, he and his ex-girlfriend Som (Rochjanawach) try to investigate before the avenging sprite gets to him.

The lead cast did fine.  The witch, Chaba, a club-footed, stringy haired old woman makes a convincing evil hag especially the hanging part. The creative idea of a film within a film put the cinema viewers in a familiar setting and somehow feels that they are in it.  This heightens the chills provoking a few good leaping moments. Cinemas are generally quiet and dark and this film surely reckons the creeps.  The sound is really important and in this movie, it does perfect to add the chilling and riveting setup.  A handful of eerie scenes and a less gore made it just fine.  Sakdaphisit creates a perfect mood of making it brisk through deliberately setting different camera angles to consolidate direful effect.  He tot up a few twists before the big shot but is actually quite obvious then. There are few ghastly scenes and fresh surprises enough to stun the viewers.

The movie is brilliant genre-wise.  Full of intensity to deeply get into the viewers and not just the obvious first-hand dreadfulness.  After some melodramatic jolt during earlier scenes, it quickly diverts to the real good scares.  The film is surprisingly startling with both heartening feel and commendable dominant fears.

Definitely, a screamer!  This is one of the best Asian horror films.  Not really one of my favorites, though but one of those that made my spirit leaps out of my body.  Its story didn’t live up to the standards of most horror films.  Nonetheless, it’s pretty much scary and frightening.  It has enough spine-chilling moments and terrifying scenes that will certainly make us, genre fanatics excited to watch.  I wonder if Hollywood is going to remake this kind of movie just like “Dark Water”, “The Ring” and “The Eye”.

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