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Bohol is known for many caves.  The place where I grew up is just a few steps to a cave.  One cave that is now become a tourist attraction is the underground Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol.

When I was younger, my parents used bring us to beaches and places where we can swim.  Although I never learned how to swim, I enjoyed the cave’s pool.  Being so scared of the deep water; I am equipped with a life ring and just play with the icy cold and chilling water in the shallow side of the underground pool.  I manage to enjoy watching kids diving from the ceiling’s hole above and splurge their way to the middle of the pool.

The entrance of the cave is narrow that only one person at a time can fit in. Today, the cave’s entrance has improved. They constructed a rounded steel hand rail and the stairs are conveniently cemented. Yet, visitors should be extra cautious to watch their head and their steps.  The steps are slippery because of the cave’s humid temperature and people come up and down with wet soles.

The cave is dark so it is only open when the sun is already up.  Although lights are now installed, it cannot suffice the darkness inside it so it’s best to visit this underground cavern during daylight.  The two holes aboveground give a streak of light towards inside the cave.

The large underground cavern has a pond, looking dark yet alluring. As far as I remember, the pond is deep and the water icy cool and fresh.

Getting inside the cave is very captivating.  It has a huge pool of water that stretches up to 10 feet deep at the middle portion.  Unfortunately today, swimmers cannot experience the water anymore because it is now filthy and I don’t know…perhaps not safe any longer (for sanitation sake).

The cave is filled stalactites hanging from the ceiling.  Although, you can barely see anything but if one takes a photo, you’ll see bats hanging.  It explains the unending squeaking noise.

History of Hinagdanan Cave

The barrio of Bingag was once covered by thick untilled vegetation. In the 16th century, people slowly came to settle in the surrounding area and cleared most portions for tilling.

One day, while the owner of this land was clearing the area for a farm and the far ridge as a look-out, he discovered two holes on the ground, adjacent to each other. The holes were found after decayed trunks of trees were removed from the ground.

To determine the depth of the hole, he threw a stone down the hole and was surprised to hear a splash. Intrigued, he further explored the inside of the caves and found to his delight a beautiful sight of stone formations hanging from the ceiling and some protruding from the ground.

A pond is in the center of the cavern. The cave is full of bats and smells bad. The news of the discovery spread. Adventurous people entered and swam in the pond. It eventually became a swimming pool for the local folks.

Eventually a ladder was improvised down a small hole at the side of the cave. In the local dialect, “hagdan” means ladder so the cave became known as Hinagdanan Cave.


panoramic view of the cave

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Cafe Lawis

Cafe Lawis is an outdoor restaurant in Dauis, Bohol.  It’s conveniently found beside Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis.  It offers a magnificent view of the distant harbor lights of Tagbilaran City and the sea which separates the island of Panglao from its main province of Bohol.  The two causeways that connects it from the mainland are now suitably reconstructed, thanks to the people responsible.  The town of Dauis, about 3 kilometers southwest of Tagbilaran City, is one of the two towns in the island of Panglao facing the city.

Tables and chairs and nicely lied under a big mahogany tree that sits at the middle of the place spreading its branches to cover most of the it underneath.  They also have a souvenir shop where tourists can have a wide and diverse selection to choose from.  The place is also a wifi hotspot so one cannot worry about tweeting or posting or perhaps, bragging about the bliss they are enjoying right at that moment.

Cafe Lawis offers an ample amount of choices from meals to pastas to dessert to salads and a lot more.  My favorite is their tuna salad.

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website http://www.cafelawis.com/

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Bohol Countryside tour

car rental   2000 pesos
van rental  2500 pesos

E.A.T Danao Adventour Tour 

car rental   3000 pesos
van rental  3500 pesos

Panglao Island Tour

car rental   1500  pesos
van rental  2000 pesos

Panglao Island Hopping Tour

boat rental 1-4 pax     1900pesos
boat rental 5-10 pax  2100 pesos

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Bingag Ostrich Farm in Bingag, Panglao owned by Mr. Morala is a fun place to pay a quick visit.  It’s usually included in Panglao Island Day Tour Packages.  A 20-minute drive from Tagbilaran City is where the site is located.

A minimal fee of ten pesos is collected as entrance fee for the maintenance and food for the animals.  A shop is on site offering some refreshments and souvenirs.

The Ostrich farm is a small zoo with pythons, boas, different family of birds, turtles, crocodiles, cheetahs, flying lemur, and different kinds of fowl, civet cat and more.  And of course, their main attraction is the ostriches.

There are 4 to 5 ostriches that stray in a large pen. They seem friendly.  My dad tried to reach his hand for it and peck.  He said it doesn’t hurt that much.  Still, I don’t like the idea.   We took a lot of pictures of them.

One of the caretakers is very friendly (never asked for a tip, but of course we tipped him for his patience and kindness).  He let me hold the boa in bright yellow color.  He said that it’s not dangerous and it’s clean.  He bathes it everyday, often with him.

The other snake is a huge python.  We got the chance to watch it chow a chicken.  We waited for a few minutes because it moves very slowly.  It chased the unfortunate chicken yelling for its life.  It finally caught the chicken and slowly swallowed it.  After it finished its meal, it turned on its belly perhaps digesting it or something.

The tarsiers are so cute and fuzzy.  They were holding worms on a stick.  It was like a real person eating barbeque (grilled pork on a stick).

The cheetahs were very young the time we went there.  I wonder how they are now.

Bingag Ostrich Farm is an entertaining place to visit and not only kids will enjoy but also the kids at heart.

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Sometime last year, my family went to the newly opened Bohol Rally Go Kart at Tipolo, Bolod, Panglao.  It is on the east side of Panglao Island in the province of Bohol.  One can take a private car or van to get to it.  They have a 400-meter dirt track that you can race with your family and friends.  Owned by Mr. Chan, Bohol Rally Go Kart has been fully operational for a year now.  You can then experience the newest exhilarating ride with the off-road rally go karts in Bohol from Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm.  They can be reached through mobile phone number 09177000821 for group bookings and reservations.

Today, I believe they are planning to have night go-kart race so adventurers will not be burnt by the scorching heat of the sun (You know, installing some lamp posts).  My family went there at noon time and it was a torment. I got sunburns.  I recommend that you apply some sun block to protect your skin and eyes. Nonetheless, we enjoy the race.  I just a tough time maneuvering the kart because it was too big for me (coz I’m petite).

And look! We brought Stick-O!  It’s a chocolate snack.  I feel like we’re endorsing the product (we’re not).  My brother always brings a snack whenever we go for a trip.

The helmet is a little big for my head that it covers my eyes every time I bash from the ride.

Capturing the action during the race.  You can see our competitive sly faces.

My sister is a natural.

My dad looks funny in a small go-kart with a competitive face. 🙂 

This year, I haven’t visited the place yet but I’ve heard they made some improvements to boost the safety of the tourists and enhance the attraction for the visitors to feel the perfect Bohol experience.

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