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I never thought the importance of an Air Traffic Controller until now.  For every safe flight, an unrecognized person is on the other side of the pilot’s console responsible for it.  90 % of the population believed that the safety on an aircraft lies on the hands of the pilot alone.  Little do they know that air communicators and air traffic controllers are the unseen entities we should be grateful too.

Traveling in the airspace is not easy as we thought it is.  It looked vast and impossible to be congested and jammed to a collision but the airspace is so little while the number of aircraft flying in it are increasing.  Advance technology, sophisticated and complex instruments are sprouting like mushrooms to boost safety and prevent collision.  Still, accidents come about.    Sometimes, shit happens.  It’s beyond the pilot’s control and at times, pilot’s negligence.  So Air traffic controllers are there to ensure the safety of each flight conducted.   They have saved more lives in one shift than  surgeons in their entire lives.  According to surveys, controller is the most stressful job in the U.S.  Nonetheless, people aspire to become one.

From an air traffic controller’s POV   

You may also want to check out an ATC’s documentary and video when pilot gets confused


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Bohol is part of Visayas.  Thus, the dialect Bol-anons speak is Visayan (Bisaya) but sometimes call it Cebuano dialect because of the similarity it has to Cebuanos.  The local name of the dialect is actually Bol-anon or Binul-anon.  Native Bol-anon are fond of using j instead of y.  Like saying the word kabayo (horse), Bol-anon say kabajo.  Sija for siya (chair or he/she “referring to a third person”).  Now let’s learn a few Binul-anon words.

Thank You very much – Salamat kaajo

Welcome – Way Sapayan

How are you? – Kumusta naka?

Take Care – Amping

Do you want to come with me? – Ganahan ka mokuyog nako?

Where are we now? – Asa na ta karon?

Are we here yet? – Abot na ta?

Where are we going? – Asa ta paingun?

expensive – mahal

cheap – barato

borrow – huwam

rent – abang

sad – nagu-ol

Those/That – kadto/kana

There – didto

This/These – kani/kini

Hurry – Pagdali

Come – dali

Here – diri

Let’s go! – Tara na!

How much is this? – Tagpila ni?

I/Me/mine – Ako/’ko

You – Ikaw

He/She (3rd person) – Sija

buy – palit

You’re very funny – Palamu-ot jamo ka

nice – lami

very nice – lami kaajo / kinalami-an

Where are you? – Asa na ka?

Where have you been? – Dis-a ka gikan?

hungry – gutom / kutasan

ride – sakay

Can you help me? – Pwede ko nimu tabangan?

no – dili

yes – oo / sige(sure)

pretty – gwapa

ugly – bati

Let’s eat – Mangaon ta

Good day! – Maajong Adlaw!

Good morning – Maajong buntag

Good afternoon – Maajong hapon

Good evening – Maajong gabii

I’m sorry – Pasaylu-a ko

I love You – Nahigugma ko nimu

younger – manghud

parents – ginikanan

You’re an idiot! – Buang ka!

name – ngan

Here I am – Di-a ra ko

house – bay

climb – katkat

drink – inum

Let’s drink – Inum ta

eat – kaon

sit – lingkud

stand – barog

write – suwat

angry – suko

happy – lipay

sing – kanta

dance – sayaw

kiss – hawk

bring – da

Can you bring this? – Dad-a ra gud ni.

please – palihug

big – daku

very big – daku jamo


one – usa/piso

two – duha/dos

three – tulo/tres

four – upat/cuatro

five – lima/singko

six – unom/sais

seven – pito/siti

eight – walo/otso

nine – siyam/nwebe

ten – napu/dies

Trivia:  Do you know that Cebuano Visayan dialect is mostly spoken in the Philippines and not Filipino language.

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RinguHave you tried watching a horror film alone late at night in complete silence with nothing but the TV on?  This is the movie you’ll never gonna watch alone.  “Ringu” is a Japanese horror film in the late 90s.  The original movie that “The Ring”, “Ring 2” and “Ring 0” came from.  Definitely, a chiller!  A film directed by Nakada Hideo based from the Novel of Suzuki Koji (Kadakawa Shoten).  The cast includes Matsushima Nanako, Nakatani Miki and Sanada Hiroyuki.

A grade school boy took a trip down to Izu.  He records a TV show it on a VCR, but the channels are different from Tokyo’s.  There is no station on that channel, so nothing should have been recorded.  He plays the tape back at home.  To his surprise, a woman appeared and said, “You saw it!” The boy died 7 days later.

“Ringu” opens up with young girls sharing horror stories about an evil tape.  One of the girls, Tomoko was uneasy.   She and a few friends saw this tape when they went to Izu.  Shortly after, she dies exactly alike to the story.  Later, Reiko (Matsushima), Tomoko’s aunt and a TV journalist learned that she watched a strange video a week prior to her demise.  She’s convinced that she must investigate and set things straight.  She, together with husband Ryuji (Sanada), started to dig into the bizarre happenings and evil starts to unravel.

I don’t know to begin in describing how creative and frightening it is.  Every detail is carefully studied to create a sense of dread.   It is creepy but not overdone.  This film relies dominantly on pure supernatural.  The camera is positioned to locations that give the impression of someone watching the characters.  The lighting is pretty intense like you can see the very organism about to crawl through your skin. Unlike most horror films that use quick blasts of sound effects to scare you, this film is more on the story and not on the sub factors just to succeed in making you quiver.  Equipped with such strong plot and revelation, this film thrives in terrifying the stiffest spine and toughest viewer’s imagination.

The main antagonist in the film is not completely revealed until the very end.  Few glimpse and short glances add excitement and heightens sense of fear.  Not just because you’ve seen her for a while will keep you from getting petrified brusquely but scarier after you’ll see her.  Not clad with full-bodied heavy prosthetics and gore makeup but just a subtle look that is more prudent to her character.

For most of the scenes, it’s impregnated with wary silence (anticipate that something scary should come up any minute) and empty creepy rooms abruptly interposed with disturbing images or weird TV static.  It also utilizes a woman brushing her hair in front of a mirror and pixelated scenes to superimpose the chilling result.  And finally, the bizarre-looking well on a black and white screen.

This is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen.  Amazingly creepy!  “Ringu” just scares every inch of my body.  No wonder this was a hit.  It’s too successful that it spawned sequels and remakes from Americans, Koreans and Japanese alike.  American version of “Ringu”, “The Ring” is more “Americanized” to fit the target viewers but it very close to the original one.

I actually saw “Ring 0” version first, it startled the hell out of me.  I was drawn into it and I had to watch other versions and sequel.  Yes, scary but when I finally saw this very original Japanese “Ringu”, I feel like I don’t want to watch horror movies anymore.  I can normally sleep with lights out even if I just had a late night horror film as a bedtime story but this is like 5 times scarier.  It made me up for at least 3 days.  I squirm whenever I imagine her.   And every time the phone rings at night in pure silence, I want to jump out of my skin.  I will absolutely recommend this 1998 “Ringu” film.  Rent it!

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Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines.  It is six times bigger than Singapore.  Bohol is oval in shape like the “ubing kinampay” or purple yam.  Geographically located in the central part of the Visayas between Cebu to the northwest and Leyte to the northeast.  One can get to Bohol by air from Manila (capital of the Philippines) and by sea from Cebu.

Bol-anons speak Visayan dialect locally called Binul-anon but sometimes called Cebuano (because of its similarity).  English and Filipino are widely understood and spoken but as a local, we are more inclined to English language than Filipino.

Bohol is rich in natural resources.  Blessed with nature’s bounty.  The pristine powdery white sand beach is one of Mother Earth’s gifts that Bol-anons are proud of.  Bohol is the only island in the Philippines where everyone is so-called a “hero”.  We (of course myself included, lol) come from the lineage of Dagohoy (who led the longest revolt).  Two significant revolts that occured in Bohol were recorded during the Spanish regime: the Tamblot Uprising in 1621 led by a Babaylan (native priest), and the Dagohoy Rebellion from 1744 to 1829 led by Francisco Dagohoy, which is considered as the longest revolt recorded in Philippine history.   Boholanos are said to be valiant in character at the same time self-reliant and deeply religious.  Every town has at least one church.  You will notice that all tricycles have printed biblical quotes at the back of their units because the city has an Ordinance requiring all operators to do so.

The name Bohol is thought to come from the name of the barrio of Bo-ol, a barangay found in Tagbilaran City, which was among the first places toured by the Magellan expedition. History has it that one of the Spanish ships of Magellan (the Concepcion) was burned in this province after Magellan was killed by Lapu-Lapu.  Miguel Lopez de Legazpi anchored in one of the municipalities of Bohol. He made a blood compact with the local chieftain signifying that they were blood brothers.  This is the first international treaty made and is commemorated every year during the month July known as Sandugo.

The people of Bohol are said to be the descendants of the last group of inhabitants who settled in the Philippines, called Pintados (the tattooed ones). Before the Spaniards came in 1521, Boholanos already had a culture of their own, as evidenced by the artifacts dug at Mansasa, Tagbilaran, and in Dauis and Panglao, using designs associated with the Ming Dynasty (960-1279).

Rich in natural finds.  Tarsiers, waterfalls, beaches, dive spots, marine life, corals, caves, forests, wildlife, historic landmarks, rivers, rice, paddies, Chocolate hills are some of the few that I will talk about in future blogs.  Bohol also produces delectable delicacies that I will surely share in the coming days.

Bohol is the home province of the fourth President of the Republic of the Philippines, Carlos Polistico Garcia who was born in Talibon, Bohol.  During his presidency, the Philippine currency is equal to the US currency which I can say is never a corrupt during his sovereignty.

Since 1945, Bohol remained a peaceful island with inhabitants used to independent living and equality between each other.  Even when the Spaniards left the Philippines, people who acquired possessions on lands never took power over low-class farmers.  Having equal relationship among each other kept the island of Bohol one of the safest places in the Philippines.

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Around 9am, she drove her mother and their house help to the hospital for the latter’s medical doctor’s check-up.  With a lot of things in mind to attend to, they went down to the city and proceed to the hospital.  The hospital has an inclined downward slope entrance and the way to the exit, you’ll have to go to a different route, make your way to another upward slope and finally find yourself in an accident-prone T intersection.  In other words, dangerous exit.

After she dropped the two to the hospital, she made her way to the exit impregnated with the thought that she only has limited time to run some errands.  She’s half-way to reach the peak of the slope. She shifts gear from second to first.  With left foot stepping a bit to the clutch, she make sure it is safe to make a right turn while pushing the right headlight lever to caution everyone that she’s going to.  Unfortunately, a black tricycle carelessly just stops at the topmost corner of the intersection where she’s about to turn.  She hurriedly steps the brake pedal but damn!, the engine stops.  With force, she pulled the hand brake when she realized she is moving down.  while she is slowly moving down. A white car behind her is honking hysterically.  Perhaps, about to go after keeping the burritos he had 2 days ago.  Afraid that she might lose it, she hurriedly turn the engine on, stepping the clutch and the accelerator at the same time just enough to move the car forward while preventing to move down the slope for the car behind.  She finally made her way and position the car parallel to the road enough to move forward.  In a jiffy, Baam!!! A motorcycle hit the left side corner of the bumper.

In the event of an accident, lives happen to be in a perfect unfortunate place and time.  Imagine if on my way, I didn’t stop for a second to look at that pretty girl or I sped up a little to catch a glimpse cute  guy.  A slight difference of a split second is essential to keep an accident in its right misfortune.

I startled to see such dismay – on my left side, a man with his family  hit the corner of the bumper of my car.  This happened in mere seconds.  My immediate reaction was – Sh**!  Mom’s gonna kill me!  For a second, I wanted to get out from the car but tricycles are moving fast passing the horrific accident.  So I stopped but in an instant, I had a change of heart.  I felt the urge of getting off to check on how the family went.  I swung the door open.  I was out of the car making my first stride, a man who acts as a traffic enforcer told me to stop, get in the car and not to move the vehicle.  Not knowing what to do, I did.

I only tremble when people  are looking and it felt like a scene in the movies.  Oozy people trying to get a piece of the news.  People were yelling saying in inaudible noise.  They often sympathize those who got hurt and spill blood.  I wasn’t hurt at all. Not even a sudden jolt or force to push my body to lean forward in a snap while letting my seatbelt keep it in place.  But this man, rode in his motorcycle quickly fell hitting his head on the pavement causing his right forehead to spew blood sprightly.   Seeing the blood, I started to panic.  I really don’t know what to do.

They say you cannot be a good driver if you’vr never been in an accident.  Nah! That’s crap!  No way that that is true.  But I now realize.. if you met an accident, it will make you become more cautious, if not cautious enough, thus making you a good driver than you already are.  At least lives weren’t lost in this lesson that life taught me.  My only consolation.

Yah yah.  I know defensive driving and all that.  Though not as defensive as my mom wants me to be.  You know.. her 20 kph speed is just so difficult to meet.  I drive fast but not as fast as my sister who drives, I don’t know, arrogantly???  Yah, I drive fast but is cautious at the same time.  I know when to slow down when I need to.

The police investigation is just bullsh**.  I was telling the truth when I said I didn’t move the car right after the collision.  I may never been in an accident but I’m not stupid.  I watch movies.  I watch CSI.  I know that moving the object involve in an incident is a NO NO.  The police investigation findings’ – I hit the motorcycle.  Bullsh**! The motorcycle hit me.  He drove fast causing him to jerk a meter from the exact point of hit and causing him to hurt himself and his family.  Judging from his face and statement, he knew it was his fault.  He was just afraid to clearly admit to the investigator because he drove without helmet and license.  Nonetheless, we both just settled in a good-hearted way so as not to cause stir to the media and to expedite things.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Thai horror “Coming Soon” did make an outstanding noise, with first-time director Sophon Sakdaphisit who is the writer of other successful horror movie genres “Shutter” and “Alone”.  The film was a hit in its 2008 release, with cast Chantavit Dhanasevi and pop singer (Punch) Worakarn Rochjanawach.  They and much of Sakdaphisit’s efforts fuel up plenty of hair-raising moments in this movie.

The film is set in a cinema, where a sloppy projectionist Shane (Dhanasevi) who is desperate of cash, agrees with his friend Yod to illicitly make a copy of the newly arrived horror film “Revenge of the Evil Spirit” before it reels in public. Unfortunately, strange things began as Yod mysteriously disappears.  When Shane tries to track him down, the mystery of the film’s true state reveals. Apprehending that he may be the next victim, he and his ex-girlfriend Som (Rochjanawach) try to investigate before the avenging sprite gets to him.

The lead cast did fine.  The witch, Chaba, a club-footed, stringy haired old woman makes a convincing evil hag especially the hanging part. The creative idea of a film within a film put the cinema viewers in a familiar setting and somehow feels that they are in it.  This heightens the chills provoking a few good leaping moments. Cinemas are generally quiet and dark and this film surely reckons the creeps.  The sound is really important and in this movie, it does perfect to add the chilling and riveting setup.  A handful of eerie scenes and a less gore made it just fine.  Sakdaphisit creates a perfect mood of making it brisk through deliberately setting different camera angles to consolidate direful effect.  He tot up a few twists before the big shot but is actually quite obvious then. There are few ghastly scenes and fresh surprises enough to stun the viewers.

The movie is brilliant genre-wise.  Full of intensity to deeply get into the viewers and not just the obvious first-hand dreadfulness.  After some melodramatic jolt during earlier scenes, it quickly diverts to the real good scares.  The film is surprisingly startling with both heartening feel and commendable dominant fears.

Definitely, a screamer!  This is one of the best Asian horror films.  Not really one of my favorites, though but one of those that made my spirit leaps out of my body.  Its story didn’t live up to the standards of most horror films.  Nonetheless, it’s pretty much scary and frightening.  It has enough spine-chilling moments and terrifying scenes that will certainly make us, genre fanatics excited to watch.  I wonder if Hollywood is going to remake this kind of movie just like “Dark Water”, “The Ring” and “The Eye”.

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DISCLAIMER:  This review is intended for themystified.com website.  Click the link for more reviews.

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Awit sa Bohol

If you’re a Boholano, you should know this song..or else Dagohoy will haunt you from….

Awit sa Bohol
Yuta kong minahal
Hatag ni Bathala
Sa adlaw’g gabii
Taknang tanan
Dinasig sa
Sa mga bayani yutawhan
Imong kalinaw giampingan
Lungsod sa bungtod nga matunhaw
Ug matam-is nga kinampay

Puti ang kabaybayonan
Walog sa suba binisbisan
Bahandi ang dagat ug kapatagan
Gugma ang tuburan
Sa kagawasan sa tanan
Panalanginan ka
Ihalad ko lawas ug kalag
Sa mutya ko’ng Bohol


Bohol Hymn (English translation)
This is our land I love,
The land God gave to me,
Caressed by the sun,
Bathed by the sea,
And kissed by the cool breeze
Night and day.
Here’s where the early heroes lived,
Here’s where they wrought peace and here they bled,
Here rise the marvelous cone-shaped hills,
Here’s sweet kinampay grows.

Blessed with white sandy beaches,
Rivers that water valleys,
Seas teem with fishes and cows graze
on the plains,
In ev’ry home love reigns,
God keep my homeland always free,
Let her forever be,
I pledge my strength, my heart and soul,
To my dear home, Bohol

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the video.

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