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Get your ONE SET of GT PRODUCTS containing 1 toner, 1 bleaching cream, 1 moisturizing cream and 1 GT soap (in any variant) in your nearest outlet and experience NATURE’S WAY TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN!

Here’s how to order online

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A lot are asking where they can get there GT products if not online.  GT products are now available nationwide on selected outlets but they sure are fast moving.

Also available ONE SET of GT PRODUCTS containing 1 toner, 1 bleaching cream, 1 moisturizing cream and 1 GT soap (in any variant) in your nearest outlet and experience NATURE’S WAY TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN!

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Get 20% discount when you order GT products online (can only deliver within the Philippines).  Be a GT Dealer and get 20% discount as well.

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All items are authentic and are produced straight from the factory Shipping of items is scheduled only on Thursdays thru LBC and/or JRS Express couriers.

For more details, check out their facebook fanpage

FAQ’s about GT products

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For almost 7 years, I am using this product.  GT Carrot soap.  I admit I let commercial ads victimize me.  You know.. if they say this and that on a product ad.  The pathetic “me” has this natural urge to try them for hopes that they’ll turn out to become truthful on what they claim.  To keep my vanity in its lucrative place, I spend to satisfy my gusto.   Way back grade school, I have a brown skin.  I guess darker than most Filipinas.  I looked grungy and poor(or that’s what I used to think when I was babyish).  I have the darkest skin in my entire family.  I was “sort of” desperate to become fairer.  So when I was in high school, I started using whitening products.  I know..sad, right?  I am not proud of my “kayumanggi” skin.  Years later, a friend assures me this product.  It uses all natural ingredients.  So I thought, why not?!  After all, it’s free.  Every after wash, I can instantly feel that my skin becomes compact.  Like my poor pores are saying hello to each other again. LOL!  For the longest time, I didn’t have any pimples even when I’m defying cell regeneration by sleeping wee hours.  I only get zit when I need a new look to scare a stalker.  I’m joking, of course.  But it’s true; it really lightens my skin complexion.  Now, I’m not kidding!  I am purchasing and using it for almost 7 years now.

I bet sound like I’m advertising so lemme put some unfavorable comments too. It makes my skin dry so I have to apply lotion.  But It doesn’t bother me.  As long as it makes my complexion fairer, I can dive into a puddle of lotion.  It did not dry up my face though.  Perhaps because I have most oily skin known to womankind.  Guess it works wonders on my greasy shiny face.  I guess greasy is even an understatement.  😛  GT carrot soap is 78 pesos in local grocery stores, SM, Watsons and drug stores in Visayas and Mindanao Area (Philippines).

I stopped using it for a while coz it’s really expensive compared to other local beauty soaps.  I mean, a couple of dollars for a soap?!  But, you know what they always say.  You always come back to your first love.  Yikes! Hahahaha….  The truth is I didn’t feel the difference on my skin when I used other products.  I choose to use this despite that it’s pricey coz it never fails me.  I’ve tried it and works on me.  I guess I will continue using this until I find anything better.

They also have other variants of the Beauty Soaps.  Papaya and Bleaching soap. For me, the bleaching soap is too intense for me.  I haven’t tried Papaya soap.  Other GT products they have are Moisturizing Cream Whitening with Sunblock SPF 60, Bleaching Cream Anti-aging with Antioxidant and Witch Hazel Extract Clarifiance which are also available all over Visayas & Mindanao and recently in Luzon.

FAQs about GT products

DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid to make a review on this product.

credits to Jellie Salvane for the product photos.

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