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Bingag Ostrich Farm in Bingag, Panglao owned by Mr. Morala is a fun place to pay a quick visit.  It’s usually included in Panglao Island Day Tour Packages.  A 20-minute drive from Tagbilaran City is where the site is located.

A minimal fee of ten pesos is collected as entrance fee for the maintenance and food for the animals.  A shop is on site offering some refreshments and souvenirs.

The Ostrich farm is a small zoo with pythons, boas, different family of birds, turtles, crocodiles, cheetahs, flying lemur, and different kinds of fowl, civet cat and more.  And of course, their main attraction is the ostriches.

There are 4 to 5 ostriches that stray in a large pen. They seem friendly.  My dad tried to reach his hand for it and peck.  He said it doesn’t hurt that much.  Still, I don’t like the idea.   We took a lot of pictures of them.

One of the caretakers is very friendly (never asked for a tip, but of course we tipped him for his patience and kindness).  He let me hold the boa in bright yellow color.  He said that it’s not dangerous and it’s clean.  He bathes it everyday, often with him.

The other snake is a huge python.  We got the chance to watch it chow a chicken.  We waited for a few minutes because it moves very slowly.  It chased the unfortunate chicken yelling for its life.  It finally caught the chicken and slowly swallowed it.  After it finished its meal, it turned on its belly perhaps digesting it or something.

The tarsiers are so cute and fuzzy.  They were holding worms on a stick.  It was like a real person eating barbeque (grilled pork on a stick).

The cheetahs were very young the time we went there.  I wonder how they are now.

Bingag Ostrich Farm is an entertaining place to visit and not only kids will enjoy but also the kids at heart.

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Loboc, Bohol in the Philippines
The Floating Restaurant and River Cruise

The Loboc Church

The Bell Tower

The Loboc Museum

Loboc Children’s Choir (Shanghai)

website: http://www.lobocchildrenschoir.net/

The Loboc Children’s Choir is a group of local kids who sang beautifully in many different countries across the globe.  Once these kids grew to become teenagers and adults, they audition and train another set of local children to represent the choir.

The infamous smallest primate endemic in Bohol (Philippines), Tarsier

Horseback Riding in Gotozan, Loboc

The Horseback Riding at Gotozan, Loboc is a new tourist activity.  Trails have been established thru verdant rolling terrain, up steep slopes and under mango orchards, among others. It is an exhilarating activity and more thrilling when done at night.

source: http://www.bohol-philippines.com/loboc-tourist-attractions.html

Zoocolate Thrills

source: http://www.discoverbohol.com/bsp/2011/0529-11/ZooColate-0529-11.htm

Loboc Eco-Adventure Park

For more info

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Bohol Tarsier

Bol-anon’s pride is an endemic fauna– The tarsiers.  This charming little creature is the smallest living primate in the world and is considered endangered.  It can fit into a child’s palm and a tail longer than its body weighing around 130 grams.

The most notable feature of the tarsiers is its enormous eyes, 150 times bigger than human eye.  Each eye is actually bigger than its brain.  Their eyesight is aided by the turning of their head up to 180 degrees right, and 180 degrees left.

They are nocturnal animals– asleep during the day and are active at night.  So during the day, while tourists visit and watch, their eyes are open but they’re actually sleeping.  They don’t close their eyes when sleeping.  They only close their eyes when they get stressed.  They don’t move that much.

Before, it’s allowed to touch the tarsiers while you take pictures with it.  But now, it has been prohibited by the government as it stresses these creatures that will lead to the cause of its death.  Tarsiers are suicidal, constantly banging their head on the branch when it gets upset until it dies.

The sites where one can visit tarsiers do not require payment but encourage visitors to give donation out of their kind hearts for these creatures’ sustenance.  Tarsiers eat insects like lizards, worms, crickets and grasshoppers.

TRIVIA:  The female gives birth to one offspring. The infant is born with its eyes open. The females carry their infants in their mouth. A new-born can already cling to branches and in less than a month after birth, it can start leaping.

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Bohol is one the tourist spots every tripper should not miss.  This small island is fortunate to have Mother Nature’s jewel that one can explore in a day tour.  JMJ Transport Service will take you to these places and discover Bohol that you’ll surely gonna remember forever.

Oldest Church in the Philippines– Baclayon Church, Baclayon

Hinagdanan Cave, Dauis

Butterfly Dome, Sagbayan

Chocolate Hills, Carmen

Solomon’s Board Walk, Cortes

Blood Compact Site, Tagbilaran City

White sand beaches, Panglao

 Bohol Tarsier, Corella and Loboc

Sumampong’s Horseback riding, Loboc

Hanging Bridge, Sevilla

Mag-aso Falls, Antequera

Floating Restaurant, Loboc

Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan

Manmade Forest, Bilar

Largest and longest python, Alburquerque

Eco Adventure Park, Danao

Tour Rates:

(in Philipine peso)

Chocolate Hills Countryside Tour 
– Car 2,000
– Van 2,500

Sagbayan Peak Countryside Tour
– Car 2,500
– Van 3,000

Panglao Island Tour 
– Car 1,500
– Van 2,000

Airport-Pier Transfer To/From Panglao
– Car 600
– Van 700

Panglao Tour with Maribojoc Watch Tower and Mag-aso Falls
– Car 2,500
– Van 3,000

E.A.T. Danao Adventure Tour
– Car 3,000
– Van 3,500

City Tour 
– Car 1,500
– Van 2,000

*Mag-aso Falls is not included in the Chocolate Hills Countryside Tour

*Choco Countryside Tour includes most of the tourist destination but not Sagbayan Peak

*Sagbayan Peak Countryside Tour includes the Choco Countryside Tour

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Wow! Bohol

It’s summertime!  And for most us, it means time to treat ourselves a cozy trip vacation.  What’s an ideal destination for a trip?  Bohol!  You’ll have the sun, the sand, the sea and the scenery all in one place.  And do you know that you can find all these in a day or two?  That’s right!  If you have a tight budget or just sneak out a weekend from your busy lifestyle, you can still enjoy a little piece of heaven.

You can reach Bohol conveniently by boat or plane.  You’ll probably want to take the plane ride for around 70 minutes travel if you come from Manila.   Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Zest Air and Air Philippines are among the airlines that you can choose from which lots of flights have.  If you come via Cebu, you can take a boat ride (Oceanjet, Weesam or Supercat) which will take you a couple of hours to get to the city proper of Bohol, Tagbilaran City.

There are lots of vans and cars that can offer you a deal for a Day Tour. But for your convenience, visit http://www.jmj-transport.com/, they offer great packages. If you don’t want a package, you can just avail their affordable and reasonable transportation services for the Bohol Day Tour which pretty much covers every tourist destination.

For backpackers, this is a perfect itinerary.

Let’s say, around 7am, your ride will pick you up from your hotel or port.  This is a long ride so you better pack food just enough before lunch.

First stop, Blood Compact Site.  It’s a historical site when the Spaniard conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi and the local native chieftain Rajah Sikatuna pledged peace and strengthened their treaty of friendship in a historic Blood Compact on 1565.  A bronze statue lies exactly where this historical event happened.

Next stop is Baclayon Church.  Not too far from the city.  A structure of heritage built during the Spanish colonial era.  This is the oldest church in the Philippines with its original coralline limestone still preserved.    They are strict with the dress code inside the church so be prepared to have a bandanna or piece of cloth to cover yourself if you are wearing sleeveless and shorts.  You can find old church relics in their small museum.

Say hello to Bohol’s biggest and longest python Prony in Alburquerque.  This 23-foot 300-kg python is the star of Albur. Entrance fee is 30 pesos.

Now, off to the town of Loboc.  Also known for their Floating restaurants that cruise along Loboc River.  The hour long cruise includes all-you-can-eat buffet meal, live music and a stop to the locals dancing Filipino folk dances by the bank (you actually have to give donation).

While feasting and enjoying the surreal green landscape, it travels upstream and ends at Busay Falls, a small waterfall then make its way back to the dock.  Some tourists take a dip here (that is if they will take the motorized banca). All of these for 300 pesos but on top of that is a hundred pesos government tax.  I don’t know why it’s charged separately but that’s how they do it.

Now in the same town, you can see the tarsier. You can actually take pictures to this cute creature.  It has enormous eyes but a teeny tiny eyeball and can twist their head 180 degrees.  It’s the smallest living primate in the world and considered endangered.  It’s a nocturnal animal and eats insects.  And do you know that tarsiers are sometimes suicidal?  They bang their heads onto a tree when they get upset.  There is no entrance fee here but I guess donating any amount is encouraged.

Now, who wants to race at the hanging bridge?  A few kilometers from Loboc is Sevilla wherein you can experience crossing over a river through a bamboo hanging bridge.  It’s actually scary to cross especially when it sways and bounce with every little step you make.  But you’re already there; why not just make the most of your trip!  You may ask if there’s a fee for making sure you have conquered your fear of heights?  Yes, there is a fee of 10 pesos.

The road you will take is the “tinai’g manok” (chicken intestine) as what locals call them because of the winding curves of the road.  It will take you through Bilar Manmade Forest with thick, tall mahogany trees lining up like stiff soldiers.  It is said that Boy Scouts during early years painstakingly planted it and grew mightily over the years creating a lush canopy that allows less sunlight to penetrate through the road underneath.

And for the provincial pride, the infamous Chocolate Hills at Carmen.   Two of the highest hills have been developed and provided with facilities such as a restaurant and a deck.  Climb at the highest hill through the cemented stairs where you can conveniently see the lower surrounding hills.  These dome-shaped hills are spread all over the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan.  Approximately, 1,268 haycock hills are formed centuries ago by tidal movements.  During summer, these hills turn brown, transforming the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate kisses.  Entrance fee is around 50 pesos.

On your way back, you can stop by at the Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar and relive your grade school lesson about metamorphosis.  The butterflies here are not afraid of people.  It perches on your hair on a daily basis.  Well, not for long coz we all know they have a very short life span.  Entrance fee is around 20 pesos.

Now for your last stop is your resort accommodation in Panglao.  You can enjoy pristine beaches with powdery white sand.   Relax all you want with the clear waters and the friendly sun.  Resorts also have kayaks and jet skis that you can rent.  For most resorts, check-in time is around 1pm and check out time is 12 noon.

More photos..

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