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The J.CO Way


I never would’ve thought I’d wait in queue just to taste these donuts people are talking about.  J.CO Donuts and Coffee. Every time I go to Mall of Asia, I always see a long row of people going crazy over some donuts.  But today, I made a trip as early as 11 am with thoughts that there would be fewer people.  Yah, there were a number, I guess 20 before me.  But yehey! I waited for my turn inside the store and not wait for  a lot more ahead of me outside.  Which means it’s probably around 50 people already before you get to have your share of J.CO donuts.  A piece is 42pesos but if you get half a dozen will cost only 250pesos.  A dozen for 350pesos and two dozens for only 550pesos.



As I was about to be served next, I got so excited that I forgot what to order.  (Or perhaps they already ran out because I can’t seem to find the precious ones I was eyeing for) So it was then my turn! I was unknowingly choosing what to get.  I had to get a dozen because who knows when I can visit the store after that.  The place is always packed!  So, I picked 11 donuts and got the green one last.  Then Jcoccino came and oh! How in the heavens did it come after I made my last pick! I tried to ask the guy to change my order  and get that instead of the green one but he said I can’t because they’ve already boxed it.  How sad!  But which I didn’t qualm about.  Well, I think it’s also sanitary and it won’t mess up with other flavors because it already touched other flavors inside the box.  I picked Alcapone and Tiramisu (their best sellers), Green Tease (not really my type because I’m not into teas), Blueberry More, Don Mochino, Coco Loco, Heaven Berry, Meisisipi, Crunchy Crunchy and the rest that I can’t remember.

DSC05793The 12 flavors I picked


The verdict:  Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!  Their donuts are not that sweet and the donut itself is so fluffy.  Not to mention, most of the flavors have filling inside which I believe is sort of whipped cream but is surprisingly not that sweet.  It was a perfect donut (at that time), if not the best I’ve ever tasted!  If I would have a chance to go back, I’m definitely getting again Tiramisu & Alcapone and try Jcoccino and Avocado Dicaprio which I bet will tastes so good!  I’ll also be getting a frappe and yogurt next time.  I know it’s not a good combination but what the heck!



By the way, the feeling you get out of the store and have your donuts after a long queue… 🙂

J.Co DonutsThere are new flavors now that are not in this photo yet

J.CO YogurtHuge selection of yogurts and coffees

J.Co Coffee

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1 kilo Fish Fillet (Cream of Dory)

10 pcs. Calamansi



1 small pack of Maggie magic sarap

Salt and pepper


Cream Sauce:

1 cup Mix vegetables (Green peas, corn and carrots)

1 tetra brick All Purpose cream

6 cloves minced garlic

1/2 cup butter

salt and pepper



Fish fillet:

Slice the fish (to desired size) while it is frozen so it won’t be crushed into pieces.  Marinate the fish with salt, pepper, calamansi and a pack of magic sarap for about 30 minutes.  Set aside.

In a food container, place the flour and each slice of fish one at a time.  Close the container and gently shake it to coat each side of the fish.  Repeat for the rest of the fish.

In a separate bowl, mix half a cup of flour to a cup of water and an egg.  Dip the fish into this batter and fry in cooking oil until it until it turns golden brown.

Place in a paper towel to remove excess oil.


For the sauce:

Boil a quarter cup of water.  Dissolve half a cube of beef cube.  Add mixed vegetables (carrots, peas and corn).   Allow the water to dry.  Sauté the vegetables in a butter and add 1 tetra brick of All-purpose cream.  Add pepper, salt and magic sarap according to your taste.  Allow to simmer for a few minutes.


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Krazy Garlik

Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt5, Makati

Seafood garlic fried rice (i totally forgot the actual name of this but this is very spicy)

Krazy Garlik Salad (this is their salad specialty, and again I forgot the actual name of the menu).  The plate is half empty coz I totally forgot to take a photo before I splurge my way on this very tempting salad.  I looooove this so much!

Grilled Squid

Krazy Garlik is open everyday from 10:00am-11:00pm


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~ Menu ~


Creamy Garlic Fondue
Garlic and Anchovy Affection
Gambas Al Ajillo
Gambas Las Palmas
Salmon Tartar
Beef Salpicao
Baba Ghanoush
Calamari Aioli
Duck Chinois
Basket of Garlic Bread
Parma Ham Roulade


Krazy Garlik Crab
Fried alimango crab smothered with garlic and olive oil, per 100g
Oriental Sweet Chili Crab
Fried alimango crab smothered with ginger, garlic and sweet chili sauce, per 100g
Milk Fish Ajo-Ajo
Pan-fried bangus with plenty of fried garlic in olive oil and French beans on the side
Fillet of Dory Fish with Creamy Seafood
Pan-fried and topped with a creamy shrimps and scallop sauce
Lobster Tails Au Saffron Risotto
Sauteed cream lobster tails with shiitake mushrooms and Italian risotto
Sweet Sour Calamari
Deep fried squid with vegetables in their special sauce
Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry
Thai style sauteed seafood with red coconut curry sauce
Honey Fried Chicken
315.00 – 575.00
Serving choices: Half 315.00, Whole 575.00
Garlicky Crispy Pata
Pork Rib Adobo
Roast Duck Leg with Black Currant Sauce
Oxtail and Chorizo Stew
Simmered tomatoes, Spanish chorizo and garlic
Mushroom Matsuri
A festival of mushrooms sauteed Japanese style
Shepherd’s Vegetable Pie
Choice of vegetable and mashed potato pie baked with Parmesan cheese


Black Angus Rib Eye
Black Angus Striploin
Black Angus Tenderloin
Australian Lamb Chops


Zuppa Frutti di Mari
Sopa de Ajo
Spanish style baked garlic soup with bread
Soup of the Day
Freshly made daily


Their specialty rice is good for 2-3 persons

Their House Special Spicy Fried Rice
With Chillies, Octopus, Shrimps and Bacon
Spicy Fried Rice
With Bacon, Squid and Jalapeño Peppers
Spanish Chorizo and Garlic Fried Rice


Fun Nuggets
Burger Steak Teriyaki
Brownies with Ice Cream


Anchovy dressing, croutons, bacon, romaine and Parmesan.
Light N’ Healthy
Arugula, romaine, cherry tomatoes, onions and their garlic vinaigrette
Octopus, shrimps, mussels, squid, rucola, romaine, pimientos, olives, roasted garlic with balsamic vinaigrette
Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, artichokes, dried tomatoes, cucumber, corn kernels, mushrooms and spinach


Garlic Snowflakes
Frutti di Mari
Four Cheeses
Garlic Lovers


Fettuccine Oriente
Spaghetti Vongole
Seafood Fettuccine a la Diablo
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Parmesan
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Penne Arrabbiata


Apple Tart ala Mode
Made form fresh green apples and fillo pastry. Served with vanilla ice cream
Strawberry Panna Cotta
Light and creamy with fresh strawberry
Blueberry Cheesecake
Rich cheesecake with blueberry with vanilla ice cream
Crepes Suzette
Thin pancakes filled with a buttery rich and Grand Marnier sauce
Crema Catalana
Spanish style creme brulee with a twist of garlic
Chocolate Cake
Rich and creamy chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Three Scoops
Your choice of three flavors of ice cream or sorbet
Fresh Fruits of the Season
A refreshing platter of fresh fruits

Last modified 9/16/2011. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

the menu list and positioning look awkward..i actually just copied this from this site.

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After planning to meet in Bohol and earlier days, finally we get to meet and spend time with our friend.  He just came back home to attend a special family event and will head back where he works.

We decided to dine at Chili’s Bar and Grill at Greenbelt 5, Makati City last Sunday, August 07.  At first, I thought they were like Mexican restaurants where dishes are all spicy (I don’t like spicy food) but it was so good and the place was so pretty.  We picked a spot outside where it is overlooking a nice view of the garden mall.

Although he stayed in New Zealand for a few years now, he still can’t deny his love for rice.  So he ordered extra rice.  My two figure-conscious girlfriends didn’t order rice though but of course, I had to have my own filling!

The fajita trio (625 Php) is to die for.  The mushrooms and chicken were grilled to a perfect tender and succulence.   The baby back ribs (570 Php) is so amazing with its barbeque sauce.  We also ordered Mesquite Chicken Salad (420 Php) and Salmon (615 Php).  Well, I can’t remember the rest we ordered.  I was so full.

We end that day with loaded stomach and fulfilled hearts.  We haven’t seen him since we parted ways after high school graduation.  Sometimes all you need is just good food and good company.

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Chili's Bar and Grill is open everyday until midnight.

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Egg-citing Eggs

Chocolate Easter EggsEgg Hunting on a fine Easter Sunday?  An egg hunt is a game during Easter season which hard-boiled painted eggs are hidden for children to find.  But today, Easter Chocolate Eggs are much more famous.  The egg is widely used to represent the start of a new life practiced by Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.  I remember when I was younger; we did Easter Egg Hunt and painted some eggs.  I don’t know but there is an unexplained bliss in painting these eggs.  You get to personalize them, paint the face of your enemy then smash ‘em.  Of course as a kid, I painted those awful zigzagged patterns, scary polka dots, zebra stripes that don’t really look like one and some horrible emoticons.  Even so, I was so proud of it. Finding these eggs on a hunt makes it so exciting especially if you have collected the most.  Eggs, however, get very unlucky.  They either get rolled, picked on, boiled, harassed, smashed, toyed, dodged and messed up.  But they all look adorable during this season.  All glammed up with fancy decorations.

In another egg-related topic, my sister once made eggs with cheese.  I love cheese!  I can totally munch them in seconds.  But I don’t like eggs.  I even order a “tapsilog” without the egg.  Weird, right? If I eat with somebody who happens to describe egg as heaven, she can have all my egg she wants.  I don’t eat eggs.  Not because I’m susceptible to it but I just simply don’t like it.  I don’t enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy any cholesterol-rich food.  But eggs with cheese, this I like!  Totally changed my point of view on eggs.  This is a better egg in an egg-citing way.  I made my version.

  • Crack eggs into a bowl.  Beat them.
  • Add a tablespoon of milk (optional).  I use fresh milk.  It’s what I saw first in my fridge.  The milk keep the eggs light and fluffy.
  • Whisk the eggs and milk until it’s blended well.
  • Add a generous measure of quickmelt cheese or a regular cheese.  Whatever’s available in your fridge.  Make sure the cheese is melted or at least already soft.
  • In a non-stick pan, add a tablespoon of butter and turn the heat down.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the pan when the butter turned bubbly.
  • Cook the eggs over medium heat until you see the edges start to appear firm.  Stir in the eggs with a silicone or wooden spatula to begin to scramble.
  • Continue cooking while stirring them often with the spatula until you see that the cheese completely melts.
  • Lower the heat to low when the eggs seem to cooked.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the Easter Chocolate Eggs photo.

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We just love to eat

We love to eat!

My brother and I love to eat.  This is Greenwich’ Chicken a la King Baked Rice Meal.  We were goofing around while striking poses on this lovely Tuesday morning.  We like to eat just about the same food and dessert.  We can win a siomai-eating-contest!  No wonder we got fat as 2 little pigs and we don’t care. Hahaha….

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Banana Blossom Patty

Because it’s the Season of Lent, I abstain from eating meat (chicken, pork and beef) during Fridays.  I love meat.  I can eat meat every single day of my life; although I know it’s not good for the health.  Today, I had Banana Blossom Patty.  Banana blossom is “puso ng saging” as what Filipinos call it.  I actually don’t like banana blossom until now.  It is commonly cooked with coconut pulp’s juice (I think).  It’s called “ginataang puso ng saging” in Philippines.  This is a very simple recipe.

Banana Blossom Patty

1 big banana blossom
chopped carrots
minced garlic
minced onion

Remove the red thick matured bracts of the blossom until the yellow young ones and core.  Wash thoroughly and shake of the excess water.  Chop the core finely then add salt, carrots, onion and garlic.  Mix thoroughly in a bowl.  Beat eggs well.  Dissolve the cornstarch into the beaten eggs.  Combine it with the prepared mixture in the bowl.  Shape into patties then fry in a pan.


Here are few benefits of Banana blossom:

  • Has dietary fibers, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, and rich in vitamin E and flavonoids
  • Extracts heal wounds and prevent infections
  • may reduce the blood sugar levels
  • stabilizes the free radicals formed that can lead to several chronic conditions including cancer and heart disease
  • reduces menstrual bleeding associated with menorrhagia

benefits source link

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