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Basil (optional)


Lemon is known for its cleansing effect of the system for impurities.  By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels  eliminate waste more efficiently thus preventing constipation and indigestion.

Regular consumption of lemon water provides a number of health benefits.  Lemon is excellent for skin, hair, teeth and gums, treating throat infections, aiding in weight loss, preventing high blood pressure, curing respiratory disorders, rheumatism and reducing fever.

Cucumber, however, is almost water but is more nutritious than regular water.  It keeps the body hydrated and helps flushing the toxins in the body.  It is also very good for the skin, nails, joints, teeth and gums. Cucumber has minerals that effectively work for regulating blood pressure – good for treating low blood and high blood pressure.  It aids digestion, promotes joint health, relieves gout and arthritis pain, reduces cholesterol, and helps weight loss.

The Orange fruit is good for people who have asthma, arthritis, and high blood pressure.  It prevents kidney stones and lowers cholesterol.

Honey, as we all know, is a natural energy booster.  It is great for immunity system builder and a natural remedy for many ailments like cuts and burns, chapped lips, arthritis, sore throats.  When you get a hangover, fight the effects of alcohol by drinking honey with orange juice and yogurt blended together.

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