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CATS04 on their On-the-job training at the Manila Tower.  2 more months guys…

credits to BAM.. thanks for sharing this!

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2nd of May, I started my training as Cats04Alpha at Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC).  I know no one but my two fellow Boholano acquaintance.  Had a thought if I will survive the training and if I will gain friends.  I’m not the friendly, sociable type of person who befriends everyone or anyone.  I’m shy and keep myself guarded at all times from the infamous ego-driven people who tactlessly say mean things just because they’re used to it or perhaps enjoy the act of doing so.

My girl friend who is also my roommate is someone I can share my secrets with…whom I can burst out my feelings and cry with.

My 2 guy friends who taught me a lot from life.  The things that touch to the deepest core of my being that sometimes it hurts because what they’re saying is true.  They may look tough outside but “pusong-mamon” inside.

My 2 gay friends who I really wish will get along (at all times).  They make me smile and laugh even in my gloomiest days.  They know how mean I am but still love me as a true friend.

I feel bad coz some of these faces went away and left me but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of our friendship.  They’ve touch my life in a very extraordinary way.  You will always and forever be in my heart guys even if we’re already miles away.  Till we meet again…

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The Alpha Life

CATS04 Alpha.  Air Traffic Controller aspirants.  These faces dream and determine to get through the training course and become full-pledged Air Traffic Management Officers or Air Traffic Controllers.  The training is tough but fun.  They take random pictures & doze off in the middle of the class, have tardiness, staff-greeting  & air conditioning unit issues, request for breaks every after 30 minutes to an hour and plan a regular Friday-booze-night-weekend-off.  CATS04 study hard but party harder. LOL!  The Friday group came into existence as early as the 2nd week.

For just a month, these people have bonded.. aim to stay and graduate solid until the end of the training.  What’s nice about this batch is that they form friendships and make sure that no one gets “washed out”.  They help, encourage and look after each other to keep their number from the first day until licensing.  All the best CATS04 Alpha!  We’ll make it!!!

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CATS04 Alpha

CATS04 Alpha with Mr. Roseller Nicanor A. De Dios

The complete CATS04 Alpha batch.  They are the first batch of CATS04 that started training on the 2nd day of May, 2011.  Formed friendship and determined to get through the training no matter what.  Photo taken last Monday, May 30 on the first day of “Principles of Flight” with Senior ATC at Manila Control Tower, Mr. Nikki De Dios.

CATS04 Alpha with Mr. Rolando K. Pelayo

Photo taken today June 2, 2011 on the last day of  “Civil Air Rules” with Mr. Rolly Pelayo, Air Traffic Controller Supervisor at Manila Control Tower.

CATS04 Alpha with Mr. Arnold Sta. Maria

With Mr. Arnold Sta. Maria, AFS Communicator during “Communications Procedures” Class.  We’re so excited to take a class photo with our “unis”.  Don’t we look dainty? LOL

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