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I saved lives…

I saved the lives of at least 600 people last Sunday. With all altitudes occupied from 32,000-41,000 ft and traffic is in unusual route, 2 aircrafts in opposite directions are just 10 minutes away from impact. My alpha controller is busy with so many air traffic at the edge of his radar. His assistant was busy with lots of coordination with adjacent Area Controls. I was busy looking at the strips on the bay and I felt something was wrong with the level of 1 aircraft. Right there, I saw that 2 aircraft on the same airway travelling at 480 knots toward each other are at 41,000 ft. The first one was at the edge of the radar screen and will disappear in a few minutes while the other is coming from the adjacent airspace and no contact at all. First thing I did, I looked at 40,000 ft if its vacant, no it’s not. But the aircraft in the level was 7 minutes behind and deviating. So I told my alpha to descend the aircraft. Then told the assistant to coordinate it with that particular airspace. When the aircraft at 40,000 ft appeared on radar, it was behind already by 10 minutes. We’re lucky to avoid such tragedy.

This situation is not known by media and the world. To them, the airport is the only gateway to a country. But for air traffic controllers like us, the gateway to our country are the boundaries of our airspace. Anything that happen within this boundaries reflects to my country as a whole. With the present air traffic volume that we have in present time, the air traffic controllers are the best people our country has in ensuring the safe travel of people in and out of our country.

transcribed from a friend’s page


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